Monday, June 4, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

If anyone had any doubts about our great early summer surf action bouncing back after Alberto, I hope this report will put those ideas to bed. I took a quick look yesterday at a few of the local beach accesses and was greeted with dirty brown run-off water. But today was a different story as some of the clean green color we had before this last front was back. Stuart Beach was the location, and the whiting were there in big numbers. Orange Clam Fishbites and small pieces of fresh shrimp accounted for all of the fish caught. The water has definitely cooled off with all of the run-off but the whiting seem to have acclimated to the temperature change. They bit the entire time I was there and I left them biting two hours after the tide had peaked. They were 15 to 20 yards from the edge and repeated casts to the same part of the trough brought instant strikes. I am sure a fish fry is in my plans for this weekend as well as filling a request from my friend, Capt Mark Dravo of YB Normal Fishing Charters in Fort Pierce, for his favorite fish - whiting. The only other type of action I experienced was from a hungry snook that engulfed a whiting as I reeled it in. I thought I had a snook dinner in the making but it only measured 26 inches so it had to go back. The snook season closes tonight for the summer, so that one will have the chance to become a keeper next year. We are going to have to deal with more run off and Lake O discharges as it was announced that the pumping is going to start tomorrow. My advice to everyone is if a certain beach has water affected by the fresh water, then look at other accesses as currents, tides, and winds could improve the water quality and fish holding potential. The weather is predicted to be pretty darn good for the next 4 to 5 days so get out and bend a rod. A stop at the Snook Nook for some fresh shrimp and a bag of Fishbites will be your ticket to success.

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