Monday, August 27, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

The surf bite continued through the weekend with tarpon, spanish mackerel, jacks, whiting, croaker, blue runner, and snook all bending rods along the beaches. A return to Stuart Beach on Saturday morning proved to be the most memorable day that my son Danny and grandkids will remember when they think about their vacation here on the Treasure Coast. My 8-year old grandson Christian was casting his Krocodile spoon and catching spanish mackerel and big big blue runners on a steady basis. I was fishing a little south of him when I heard a scream and watched a 100-pound tarpon going airborne with Christian holding on for dear life, with his 7 foot spinning rod and a Penn Battle 4000, bent over double. He was lucky enough to get a second jump from this beautiful fish before the fish spit the spoon out, and I know that memory will last a lifetime. The croaker and whiting bite became secondary for the last day we were on the beach, and Christian concentrated on trying to hook another tarpon. On Sunday the big schools of glass minnows had moved from Stuart Beach and reports received told of a big concentration on the south end of Bathtub Beach. Looking at the webcam this morning, I saw lots of pelicans at the Jensen Beach location, so be mobile and look at the beach you are planning to fish before you set up. Find the schools of bait and you will find the fish. Don't be afraid to throw some of the smaller artificials, whether its a spoon, like a small Krocodile, or a smaller YoZuri Crystal Minnow. The spoon that was hot for us over the weekend was a 3/4 ounce silver and blue Krocodile. 

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