Tuesday, August 14, 2018

For The Love Of "SNOOK" --Mark Hightower

True fishermen spend hours and hours paying there dues... I sure have in the past, most don't understand why, specially wives and bosses.We do it for the rare occasion when it actually works. My boss asks sometimes when am I coming in to work, it goes like this... Boss. well when? Me: my car broke down at the fishing spot and it won't start till low tide?. Boss: well when is that ? Me: I don't know do you have a tide chart handy? He knows he isn't going to see me till the fish stop biting. Don't know why we keep having the same coversation? Back to when it actually works, I was born a snook alcoholic I admit I have to go to snook anonymous... During the summer I sometimes get up to 6 hits a day. The other night just every worked, I am not exaggerating we caught billions. no really.. I brought a knife to a gun fight, with this little bass rod, which I sleep with, the wife almost rolled over on it once so we had to get different bedrooms. I tell young fishermen every man should at least once own a nice truck, Make love to a woman he loves, and fish with a Gloomis mrb844c 7' IMX bass rod. The other night after 20 or so double hooks ups, which has happened .... never before. I threw this little bait on this tiny rod right next to a piling and this snookasourus hit it like I had ran over brick with a lawnmower. Kinda like hooking into a VW bug going 40 mph. I yanked on her to keep her away from the piling and she didn't even know I was there... she ran down the docks and since she didn't know I was there she made a 90 turn away from the docks. Big mistake for her, good luck for me. My buddy would not pour his beer on my smoking reel... called it alcohol abuse. She was running like an atheist at a Baptism. ut oh ...she is going under the boat. I felt like I was using one of the zebco kids fishing poles. With a ton of luck, and a blessing from the man above, I managed to land her. the problem was holding her up. Last thing I would want to do would be to hurt her. I have found out most fishermen are terrible photographers.. but this is all we have of this "EPIC" night fishing None the less I will never forget this "encounter". Of course we went back the next day, and those snook packed there bags.. all gone.

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