Thursday, September 20, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

We have been dealing with a big population of catfish along our local beaches since the swell began from Hurricane Florence. Add the factor of some off-colored water and that equals to a very unproductive surf day. If anyone has attended my seminars or read my posts about targeting pompano, I always state the two biggest reasons folks don't catch this fish is (1) you aren't reaching them, and (2) you are fishing in water that isn't the right color. I tried a few beaches this week on Hutchinson Island and found the catfishing great but little else was eating the Fishbites, sand fleas, or shrimp. This morning I changed things up and headed to Hobe Sound to fish the Bridge Road beach and boy, what a difference! The water was the nice "clean green" color that I love for targeting pompano and they did not disappoint me. Pompano, bonefish, ladyfish, bluefish, and yes, a few catfish, provided a few hours of non-stop action. I had my recreational limit of 6 pompano and at the end of the morning was throwing back keepers for other anglers to catch. The real surprise was the number of bonefish that took a liking to the EZ Flea Fishbites. The tally for that catch-and-release species was was 7 with a couple of larger fish that really took off down the beach. The total number of fish collectively bending my rods today was probably around 40. Any time you can hit the surf and experience that kind of activity, it's a great day. Until our water starts cleaning up on Hutchinson Island, take the ride to Hobe Sound and fish either the Bridge Road access or the National Wildlife Refuge Park. Good luck and catch 'em up.                                                         

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