Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

For those of us that like to fish from the beach, the conditions that we have been fighting in recent weeks just dont want to give us a break.Tropical Storm Leslie cant make her mind up as to what direction she wants to head and now the Red Tide situation is adding to our unfishable conditions. Listening to the "experts " on TV today explain how Red Tide effects are not likely to be here for an extended period of time due to our winds, current, and deeper areas off our coast , gave me some hope for that problem.Unfortunately, Leslies big swell and weeds dont look to be leaving for the next week or so. As we move into October lets hope that we start to see a glimpse of improving factors that will allow us to get back to bending some rods with the pompano, whiting, croaker, jacks, bluefish, tarpon, and mackerel that we would be targeting at this time of year. I will tell you I looked at the beaches on the other side of Fort Pierce Inlet today, Navy Seals, Avalon, and Round Island , and all of those spots had plenty of sandfleas in the surf. Water color was pretty nice too so lets hope Mother Nature can step in and get us back to the sand.

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