Friday, November 16, 2018

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

Inshore fishing remains a bit tough; as we are out of summer time patterns, but not yet into the true winter swing of things.  Snook fishing has remained good, but it's a time investment for sure right now.  It's swinging into true flair hawk/jig season for the snook, and the tide has to be right for them.  If it's not the tide window they like...they just aren't going to want to bite.  The tricky part comes in figuring out which tide it is that they will bite on.  Could be incoming (first or last) or outgoing...and it varies by spot; hence the time investment!  Gotta keep going and keep casting to figure it out.  The flats around Hobe Sound (Mile Marker 40) continue to produce a nice mix of species, and remain one of your better bets around on the inshore side of things.  

SURF/PIER-  Surf action remains very good, with the usual fall/winter species hanging around in good numbers.  Bluefish, jacks, and ladyfish will provide the most action; especially during lowlight periods of the day.  Doesn't seem to have been any really true "hotspots" lately along the beach; instead its been more a luck of the draw on finding them.  Before lugging everything down to the beach take a look from the boardwalk for birds diving, baitfish, deeper troughs, and other fishy looking'll help cut down on a lot of unproductive water.  Pompano action has been fair; but they have not been around in the same numbers that a few weeks ago saw.  The Juno Beach Pier continues to produce some very nice sized Spanish Mackerel (especially early in the morning), with swimming plugs and the bobber rig continuing to be top producers.  The blacktips and spinner sharks are starting to show with a little more regularity; and have been fairly willing to crush a loud topwater plug or fresh chunk of bait.  

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