Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sebastian Inlet Report

Fish are here, red tide has been gone, and it’s time to get out there and drop a line!  Sarah at Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle is back, and she’s been seeing a pretty good run of Spanish Mackerel biting on Got-cha lures.  Jacks and Blues also in the mix.  Slot Redfish at the morning tide change have been great and they are biting on live shrimp or topwater lures.  A Snook here and there, not too much.  Black Drums are starting to show up, head to the tip of the North Jetty and try fishing from the beach for Pompano.  Sarah knows here stuff, go see her for the latest!
A very special thank you to our featured angler this week, Allan Noel, a regular at Sebastian Inlet.  Three weeks ago, he landed this beautiful 43-inch Redfish off the North Jetty.  “Saw mostly Redfish and Jacks coming over the rails and one nice Cubera Snapper.”  Thanks Allan for sending in your pic!
Florida Sportsman’s November issue highlights Five Essential Redfish Lures:
#1: Topwater Plug – Great for when Redfish are active, early morning and late evening.
#2: Scented Soft Plastic – Redfish depend heavily on scent when feeding.  Especially effective in dirty water to help land one.
#3: Gold Spoon – “A timeless classic”, throwing a gold spoon is good anytime.
#4: Kwan Fly – For the fly guys out there.  This shrimpy, crabby hybrid has fooled many a Redfish in its day
#5: Popping Cork and Soft Plastic – Attention getting for sure and the soft plastic of your choice makes for an easy meal.

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