Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 I had the Grundens on this morning and after taking a look at a couple of beaches to the north ,I ended up on the south end of Hutchinson Island by the Bob Graham beach access area. . The water up by Middle Cove and Blue Heron were dirty but from Normandy Beach south the water really cleaned up. I talked to friends that fished at Tiger Shores, Santa Lucea, and Flethcher beaches and everyone managed to put some pompano in the cooler. I loved the clean green water color when I walked up over the dune line but it took awhile before the pompano showed. I always try to give the beach I am set up at a reasonable amount of time to produce before I pack up and go elsewhere if the water, surf condition, and other factors like bait and fish life are present. I was really considering making a move when I was lucky enough to put a pompano in the cooler. I was glad I stayed and 16 pompano later I was soaked but had a cooler full of fish. Frozen sandfleas tipped with Yellowcrab Fishbites was the hot combination today. After the tide peaked around 1230 the bite got more consistent and had the spinner sharks not made an appearance around two oclock my catch would have increased. I like to wait for a tide change if everything looks good because the first couple of hours on the incoming or outgoing change can really produce some great action. As far as tomorrow is concerned if the wind stays out of the Northwest and we dont get a straight Northerly direction, conditions should be fishable. The last couple of days the water has definitely been alot cleaner from Normandy south so if you are going to give it a shot before going to your Superbowl party give it a look on the south end of the island. Conditions really look good during the early part of the week so good luck and catch em up.

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