Friday, February 28, 2020

From Todd &Trey @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  Warmer weather over the past few weeks really had the springtime inshore fishing (Big snook and jacks) going off pretty good.  This cold front will most likely slow it down a bit, but as temps rise the snook and jacks should go right back to chewing.  The snook and jacks have been keyed in on springtime mullet moving along seawalls and under boat docks.  While at the bridges at night, the snook remain keyed in on shrimp.  Tarpon fishing back in the Loxahatchee River has been fairly good as well over the past few weeks.  Handful of pompano reports still coming in from the inshore side of things.  Sheepshead are biting live shrimp around the bridges and in Palm Beach Inlet pretty good.    

SURF/PIER-  This week saw some better surf and pier action than previous weeks. The surf saw a nice little pompano bite Monday through Wednesday from the Juno Beach Pier to Jupiter Inlet.  Sandfleas, Clams, and FishBItes will be the bait of choice for the pomps.  Get those pompano in quick...the Blacktip and Spinner Sharks won't be far behind!  The Juno Beach Pier was much better this week.  Better conditions brought a nice wave of jacks (Including some big ones), a few bluefish, fair number of pompano, and a scattering of Spanish Mackerel and smaller Kingfish.   The pompano lit up on the Doc's Goofy Jig pretty good, while the Macs were tuned into small flashy diamond jigs and swimming plugs.  

Croaker have been biting shrimp in the surf very good.  Fresh pieces or small live shrimp will be the bait of choice for the croakers.  As mentioned above...the sharks should be around in pretty good numbers this weekend! 

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