Saturday, February 6, 2021

From Todd, Trey & Nick @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  Snook season opened on the slow side this week (Not surprising considering we saw our hardest front of the winter pass through).  Still a few snook around to be caught, just takes a little extra work to get em!  The shrimp jig remains a top choice for them at night around the bridges.  Present it properly (Swimming slowly with the tide or hopped off the bottom) with the current and the most stubborn of snook can't help but take a swipe at it.  Sheepeshead and black drum action remains pretty good in the ICW, and has been very good as you get up towards Stuart.  Scattering of pompano action inshore this week, but again better up to the north for the most part.  

SURF/PIER-  The Juno Beach Pier saw some pretty good action over the past few days.  Some big schools of jacks pushing through, and for the most part have been fairly willing to jump on a popper or GT Ice Cream in quick order.  Spanish mackerel continue to bite pretty good, along with a fair number of bluefish.  Pompano action remains a bit inconsistent, but enough around to make it worth trying for them.  It's super early in the season, but a dead sardine on the bottom could get you a snook bite or two as well.   


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