Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Sebastian Inlet Report

 Hot off the press is “Snookman” Wayne Landry’s weekly fishing report, perhaps his shortest ever:

“Good morning all you fishing fans out there. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend — the best you could with the weather we had. It wasn't very good for fishing, that's for sure. This week’s report is one that I really don't like to write because the weather was so bad from Thursday through the weekend. This is a rinse-and-repeat of last week’s report. Almost the same conditions as well.

The opening of snook season was a disappointment. With the water temps still being on the cold side (64 to 68 degrees) they just didn't want to bite. Snook prefer 72 and above to be active, plus there is no bait in the inlet for them to want to feed. Also, with the tide being an outgoing on most of the days last week, it’s tough for the jetty anglers to get to them. The boaters at the tip were catching some fish on live shrimp, but most were too small to keep.

About the only thing you could count on were the blues and jacks being caught on silver spoons everywhere in the inlet. That's it for now due to the dirty, rough and cold water. This week isn't looking any better as the winds and surf are going to remain up, and that's going to keep the water churned. If you go fishing this week, find a spot where you can get out of the wind and see what comes up to bite. 

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