Sunday, June 25, 2023

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 After the phenomenal action we had on the weekend the whiting , croakers, and palometa took the day off on Monday and Tuesday . They did a disappearing act on those two days and after fishing four different beaches on Monday, I put the white flag up after only getting two bites . Randy and I went looking again yesterday and the bites were nonexistent at the 3 beaches we tried but a stop in Jensen Beach around 9 am we found the bait and the pelicans . The bait schools were not what they were on the weekend but there was signs of life . The hour before high tide rule to two hours after worked again as the whiting and a few croaker decided to eat . The good bite only lasted for about an hour but that’s all we needed . Randy also caught another catch and release snook on a live mojarra too . Orange Clam Fishbites was the bait yesterday along with a tiny piece of shrimp. Try to learn the formations of the bars on the beaches you intend to fish as the area we fished had a very defined second trough about 40 yards off and that’s where these fish were holding . If you don’t get any bites in the normal 1st trough area after about 10 minutes try launching a cast 40 to 50 yards off and let it sit for a couple of minutes and then start bringing it back a couple yards at a time to try to locate where they are . Looking at your favorite beach at low tide can show you the wave and water action that will define the second bar or runouts and areas to target at high tide . There’s lots of bait showing up and the weather looks good right into the weekend . Get some Fishbites , Chartreuse Bloodworm and Orange Clam , some shrimp and go catch a fish fry

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