Saturday, June 10, 2023

Sebastian Inlet Report


Nothing to see here, folks, move along (unless you enjoy catfish)

Good morning, fishing fans! The weather was nice, but the fishing wasn't so good. Again, I have to say this report isn't one I enjoy writing, but I don't sugarcoat anything. I tell how it really is at the inlet. Last week and through the entire weekend the water was choked up with sargassum weed. There was no escaping it. The NNE winds were blowing at 15 to 20 mph and the strong surf made the inlet look like a washing machine. There are fish being caught in the inlet, but you have to search  hard for a bit clean water. The boaters drifting the inlet channel have been picking up snook and redfish on live baits. Now, for the pinpoint spots:

North jetty: Over here, most of the catches have been those pesky catfish, on both tides on any bait. Word of caution: Please be careful in handling them as they have very dangerous spines on the fins and can inflict a nasty wound if stuck by one! On the outgoing tide at the tip there have been small to medium sized jack crevalle being caught on spoons and jigs; also, blue runners on cut baits. That's pretty much all for over here. Along the rock seawall between the jetty and the catwalk is unfishable due to the massive blankets of sargassum weed along the shoreline. 

South jetty: Over here is the same, but in some instances on the incoming tide the sargassum weed will drift farther out to the edge of the channel, allowing the water to clean up some. In that case, there has been nice catch-and-release snook and redfish caught on live baits of any kind. But you need cleaner water. On the outgoing tide, it has been all about the catfish, blue runners and jack crevalle. I saw a couple of Atlantic spadefish in a bucket when I was down Sunday. Cut shrimp was the ticket for them. Also, there are plenty of spot-tail pins still being caught, but they are small. 

Catwalks, both sides: As you already know, the north catwalk has been closed for some time, but now as of last Friday the Florida Department of Transportation has closed the south catwalk indefinitely. No more fishing from there either. 

T-Dock area: . The water has been somewhat cleaner. The incoming tide has been producing  catch-and-release snook on live mojarras, if you can net some (the sargassum hinders this) Around the dock pilings on both tides there have been quite a few small mangrove snappers caught on cut baits, but they have been just shy of the 10 inch minimum to be kept - but that is a good sign that they are moving in. For those throwing small white jigs and small silver spoons, some Spanish mackerel are possible, along with jack crevalle and blue runners. 

So there we go, folks. I wish I had better news, but we are at the mercy of the weeds and water conditions from the unseasonable winds. Have a great week!" - Snookman.

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