Saturday, July 29, 2023

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

It’s been a pretty tough week for anyone targeting the whiting, croaker, and mojarra down here in St Lucie and Martin counties . After that big bite I had last Sunday I fished this past Monday and Wednesday and only managed a couple of small mojarras . I fished a total of 9 beaches those two days and just didn’t find any . The glass minnows that were thick last Sunday were nowhere to be found for me this week . I did not fish today but Randy did and caught 6 or 7 nice croakers early this morning and had a 50 to 60 pound tarpon grab one of his croakers also . He got one nice jump out of the tarpon before he broke him off . Randy said the water on the south end of Hutchinson Island was much cleaner today than it was from the Jensen traffic circle north . The best report I can give you is the sand fleas are showing up and down South Hutchinson Island . Definitely haven’t seen them like this in a couple of years so get your rakes out and put them in the freezer for the upcoming pompano season . I fish 4 rods during the pompano season,two with plain Fishbites , one with a sand flea tipped with Fishbites and one with a clam strip tipped with Fishbites when I start my day . As the bite develops I determine what they want that day and will switch the spread that I’m fishing to the baits, colors, and scents of Fishbites that are producing. It’s nice to be able to get up to our beaches and get some fleas . I’m heading up tomorrow to hopefully find some whiting and croaker . My sandflea rake will be on the cart too!! Good luck and catch ‘‘em up .

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