Saturday, July 29, 2023

Ed Killer / tcpalm South Fla. Report

 By the time you read this, you may be doing so over a fresh broiled lobster tails dipped in golden melted butter. You might even have a side of grits and some freshly shucked ears of corn to go wit that lobster.

The two day mini-season for lobster always falls on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July. It gives recreational divers and snorkelers a chance at getting a few lobsters before the commercial trappers put their traps into the water, mostly in the Florida Keys.

Each year about 40,000 divers are expected to arrive in the Keys where their limits are six per person per day. Many decide to make the trip because they know the chances of getting bag limits in high. Some stay closer to the Space Coast where a Huka rig fitted with several breathing hoses gives a group of divers the easy chance to work in shallow waters for some tasty tails.

Visibility is always relative, often worse closer to shallower water and better in deeper water. Sometimes there is a thermocline sending cool or dark water into the water column as a diver works his or her way down. Sometimes weather doesn't cooperate either. Hopefully, you'll have a safe season and not spend too much to get your tails. Or do like me and for $29.99 a pound get yours at the seafood market.

Mosquito Lagoon

There have been juvenile tarpon in the shallow lagoon taking swim baits. Use artificial shrimp this time of year when live shrimp can be hard to get. The shrimp will catch you speckled trout, redfish, black drum, jacks and snook. Freeline the shrimp or rig them under a popping cork.


There has been good fishing this week for whiting during the high tide and beginning of outgoing tide. Use Fishbites in the crab or EZ flea flavors. Catch and release snook, small sharks and jacks are also possible catches.

Sebastian Inlet

There has been good snapper fishing around the jetties, catwalks and T dock. Use pieces of shrimp since this time of year live shrimp can be hard to come by. Catch and release snook and redfish are in the inlet taking live mullet, sardines and pogies.

Indian River Lagoon

Fish around docks and bridge pilings with pieces of shrimp or clams to catch sheepshead and black drum. Catch and release juvenile tarpon, snook and redfish are in the Merritt Island area near Dragon Point. Fish with topwater plugs early in the morning to catch speckled trout.


With the high heat this time of year, anglers will find fishing deeper in the water column can be productive. Slow down one's presentation because the low oxygenated water will cause the bass to move slowly and not be very aggressive. Live crickets are best for catching bluegill and sunfish in Lake Poinsett and Puzzle Lake.

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