Sunday, August 13, 2023

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area


No posts this week due to the fact that surf activity down our way has been nonexistent and the heat has been brutal . High tides were in the middle of the day and anyone who has been up on the beach this week knows how crazy hot it was . I looked on Monday and Wednesday and found no life , bait, birds, or surface activity . The sand fleas that have been plentiful took the week off too it seems based on some intel from some buddies who were looking . I tried a few beaches this morning, Dolemans, Herman’s Bay , Middle Cove , and Walton Rocks and only had one bite . It turned out to be the right one and was lucky enough to put a 16 inch pompano in the cooler . We need to start seeing some life in the surf with some bait schools to get the whiting , croakers, jacks, and snook back on the scene . Looks like the heat is going to be here into next week but the high tide mark will be in the early morning so I’ll be putting some time in this week . There seems to be some pompano and whiting being taken from Daytona up to St Augustine so I might even make a run up that way this week . Tough week but the mullet run is not that far away so keep the faith . Things are going to get better!!Good luck and catch em up .

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