Thursday, August 24, 2023

Lake Worth Pier Report With Dylan Campbell

Lake Worth Pier Fishing Report:
Its that time of year where my fishing reports are much more abysmal compared to usual. To put it simple terms the fishing kind of sucks.

Jacks, The odd kingfish, Spanish mackerel, blue runners are all around at the normal peak times.
Snook have been caught but the frequency is far fewer then normal. Bonita have been caught intermittently in waves but no correlating patterns in how they have been biting.
Sharks! Sharks! Sharks!: I am surprised to say that the shark activity is mostly medium sized hammerheads and small black tips. The bulls have not been making their presence know however I definitely would not say they are gone
Artificial report: Commercial rigs, gotcha plugs, x-raps, heavy crappie jigs & ice cream cones have the key to my success
The bait bite: Pilchards, Sardines, Golden dots & small goggle eye have been around. In fairly consistent numbers.
Pro tip: Fish from 6-9:30 then leave come back 4:30pm-sun down during the day is extremely dead

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