Saturday, September 30, 2023

From Todd, Eddy & Jeff @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE-  Snook fishing remains very good inshore right now.  Mullet schools are still around, but not in massive amounts.  Smaller schools of mullet tend to be a little easier to fish; and often times lead to more action (If you think about it...would you rather pick a raffle ticket out of a bucket of 100 or 10,000?).  Look for the mullet to be the most active and up on top early in the morning, late in the afternoon, and at night.  Boat traffic and high sun tend to drive them down deep and make them harder to fish.  When the fish are actively feeding in a mullet school try a topwater plug fished on the outside edges of the school for best luck.  Another trick that can work well is a crazy different colored pug fished in the school.  Yes "match the hatch" is typically the best plan when picking colors, but an oddball in the middle of a million other choices can sometimes be the ticket.  It's mainly snook inshore with the mullet; but a fair number of tarpon and jacks will be around as well.  Snook fishing at night around the bridges remains strong as well.    

SURF/PIER-  Mullet pod reports were a bit slower this week; but still a good number of therm around.  The tarpon are still hanging around them in good numbers; and have been willing to crush a topwater fished on the edge of the schools early in the morning.  The Yo-Zuri Hydro and Topknock Pencil have been two top lure choices for the tarpon.  Snook action slowed a bit around the mullet schools; but big jacks and shark have taken up the slack.  Best bet on finding the mullet is to look early and late in the morning.   If you can't find any pods along the beach, sometimes checking the inlets on outgoing tide can be a good way to find them.  The Juno Beach Pier has been producing a lot of fish this week.  Spanish mackerel have been around the pier in very good numbers.  The bobber rig with a clark spoon or white crappie jig have been the top two lure choices.  A few kingfish around the pier as well early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  A swimming plug (Rapala X-Rap or Yo-Zuri LC Minnow) is the best way to go for the kings.  Some solid pompano reports coming in from the pier as well on Doc's Goofy Jigs.  A lot of the pomps have been on the smaller side; but a decent number of keepers in the mix.  Overall very good fishing; definitely worth giving it a shot if you have a chance.

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