Monday, September 18, 2023

Lake Worth Pier Report With Dylan Campbell

 Lake Worth Pier report:

With snook season in full force, anyone and everyone are pitching at snook right now. From what I can tell some people are having more success then others. What I have seen to have the most effective experience was floating live pilchards on nothing but bare hook right on the edge of the school.(preferably flowing with the current)
The only artificial I have seen to have any effect on snook this season were glass ghost x-raps size 6-8 and nlbns on a white or lead head with solid color eyes.
Aside from that Kings have been caught or hooked up on everyday in the morning and PM.
Plate sized jacks have been making the rounds everyday in the am/pm bites. Catching snapper is braindead right now(i limited out on my gog bug). The blue runner bite is popping off like crazy. Average effective catch rate for someone using commercial rigs is about 2x5 gal buckets in about 3-4hours. Massive 40-50lb permit have been making the rounds at the pier with not a single person I have seen targeting them
Sharks, Sharks,Sharks: The majority of sharks I have seen is Bull sharks and hammerheads. I did see a 7-8ft white shark once but only once
The bait bite: Pilchards,small sardines, goggle eye and large golden dots have all been around in large quantities. Biting the 7-8am in the morning depending on the tide schedules & how heavy the predation factor is. Finger mullet are making their way through the intercoastal and beach fairways consistently now.

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