Sunday, November 26, 2023

From Todd, Eddy & Jeff @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Snook fishing remains good inshore right now.  Water temps haven't fallen much yet; and the snook's metabolism has them biting well.  Coupled with a fair amount of mullet around still: Bigger baits/lures are still in play; but smaller swimbaits and shrimp jigs are also starting to produce good results.  The smaller baits really play well at night around the bridges.  An outgoing tide tends to produce the best results for the snook.  Live mullet has been the top choice for the snook during the day.  Boat docks and seawalls with dark bottom (close to deeper water) and a little bit of tide are the ideal spots to look.  Early morning and late afternoon the snook will still jump on a topwater lure (especially in areas that don't have super heavy boat traffic).  Sheepeshead action has started to improve inshore.  A live shrimp on a jighead is the easiest/most effective tactic.  Boat docks with some depth and good barnacle growth on the pilings is a great spot to start looking for sheepshead.  

SURF/PIER-  Fishing was a bit slow this week at the pier and on the pier; but an ideal weather forecast leading into the weekend should get the fishing back on track.  Early in the week thew water was dirty and it was primarily the dreaded catfish.  As water conditions have started to improve the pompano fishing has picked up drastically; with some good reports from both the pier and the beach.  Bright colored Doc's Goofy Jigs continue to work well from the Pier; while the usual bait assortments (Sandfleas, Clams, FishBites) are all good choices from the beach.  A fair scattering of Spanish Mackerel around.  Sidewinders, Got-Cha Lures, Spoons, Diamond Jigs (Pretty much and smaller faster moving lures) are all good lure choices for the Macs.   From the Juno Beach Pier a white crappie jig is the top lure choice for the Mackerel.  Mixed in with the Spanish Mackerel will be some bluefish and jacks.  The same lures will work for the jacks and bluefish.  A pretty good number of croaker and whiting in the first trough over the past week.  Small pieces of fresh shrimp is the bait of choice.   

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