Monday, November 27, 2023

Lake Worth Pier Report With Dylan Campbell


Lake Worth Pier fishing report: Its that time of year again when there is no bait at the pier under natural circumstances. Yes there are goggle eye but there is no guarantee the school will be in range of the pier. Chumming the normal way for gogs is temporarily effective but they fill up quick. Bugging is slow but doable. Furthermore that brings me to my next point. Chum; Chum brings in ballywho and ballywho brings the mackerel in. It is completely a ghost town at the pier with out chum. Bring chum blocks if you want any modicum of success. Personally I am cheap and make my own chum and use oat flakes from a tractor store as a way to propagate my slick for a few miles. The wind and current actually under most circumstances Working are working well together. In the late afternoon and early morning seem to be the hot points of the day.

Generally nothing happens during the day except a incredible slow bite and Houndfish if you are into that. I imagine when the moon cycle changes a bit day time fishing will get better but for now it is really bad.
*Pompano are incredible random they just seem to come in in a swarm for like 15 minutes always in the shallows. Then disappear for the rest of the day.
*Cobia come in on the bottoms of the rays and sharks and seem to be more frequent on the really nasty days.
When the wind was blowing on shore some freak appearances happened in the afternoon. I hooked up on a large mahi and my hook literally snapped. Broke my heart, anyways. As well as a few blackfin being followed by frigate.
Artificial; When the water is dirty and the winds are good artificial is the way to. When its clear expected to get skunked with the exception of the odd 1lb jack.
Sharks, sharks, sharks: Very strange combination of sharks in terms of circumstances: when the water is clear its mostly black tip and spinner and a odd small bull/lemon(hammerheads appear randomly but not with any consistency to tide or anything)
When the water is dirty, very dirty in fact is when you see a lot of bulls and monsters at that. You will see a odd great white here and there but they don’t seem to stick around for very long just cruising the shallows when the waters is 0 visibility.
The bait bite: None, bring bait from somewhere as or chum a lot for ballywhoo/gogs. I highly recommend crabs if you can get them.(pro tip leave a pinsor on for the puffer fish)
Tldr: Pick a day with good conditions or start chumming.

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