Friday, January 5, 2024

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

fished with two of my sons, Paul Jr and Randy , and our catch list included pompano, blue runners, jacks, bluefish, and even a couple of nice permit . The only species that made the cooler were the pompano as we caught and released everything else . We fished on the south end of Hutchinson Island yesterday and today we tried up north by Fort Pierce . I never heard of a an outright blitz on the pompano . Jr, Randy, and I managed to put a recreational limit of 6 pompano in the cooler yesterday while catching and releasing a bunch of blue runners . Jr caught a double header of of pompano on one of my Green Machine Rigs that was baited with Powerlime Crab Fishbites. The other four were caught on Electric Chicken Crab and EZ Flea . Today was a different story as the pompano were hard to come by as Tandy caught the only one that made it into the cooler . I was lucky enough to hook and land 2 nice permit that were quickly released right after a quick picture . Both permit bit on the same Green Machine rig with the Powerlime Crab . We also played catch and release with some bluefish and some jacks . If you have never had the thrill of hooking and landing a permit from the beach you are missing out on a thrill . When I first moved down to Florida years ago I had a conversation with Capt Mike Hollliday, who has probably caught and released more permit than anyone on the Treasure Coast, and his explanation of the releasing this great game fish so another angler can experience the bite, fight, and release is a position I agree with 100 percent. It is certainly legal to keep a permit but I just think it has more value to our resource to let them go . Randy and I played catch and release with bluefish, blue runners , and some jacks today also . Powerlime Crab and EZFlea were the baits that produced today . 2024 is just hours away and I wish everyone a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year. As we enter January let’s hope the bigger pompano schools start to show and we kick off the New Year by putting some in the coolers . Good luck and catch em up .

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