Sunday, January 21, 2024

From Todd @ Juno Bait Crew-Juno Beach

 INSHORE-  Inshore reports were a bit slower this week, but still some fish around.  Pompano reports inshore seemed to slow (or maybe people stopped talking!) in the river.  A cold front into the weekend will likely get them biting again.  A brightly colored Doc's Goofy Jig is a great way to go for the pomps.  In addition it will also entice strikes out of jacks, ladyfish, and honestly just about anything else around!  Sheepshead action improved drastically in Palm Beach and to a lesser extent Jupiter Inlets this week.  Live shrimp remain a solid bait choice for the sheepshead.  A few weeks away from snook season opening back up.  Catch and release action on the snook has been a bit slow.  It takes a little more work, finesse, and time to get them to bite with cooler water temps.  Pay extra attention to tides and keep the baits on the smaller side for the best action with the snook.  Doesn't mean the snook won't bite a bigger bait or lure this time of year; you just have to be much more patient and expect fewer bites.    

SURF/PIER-  It wasn't a record setting week along the beach this week; but fishing overall was decent.  Some big schools of big bluefish around the past few days.  Best action on the bluefish has been late afternoon.  GT Ice Creams, diamond jigs, and loud noisy poppers have all been good lure choices.  Watching a big bluefish come up and smash a topwater is about as cool as it gets.  Just be ready to get those blues in quick; the sharks are around and making quick work of any blues stretched out for an extended period of time.  They don't exactly leave these days; but it's about time to really start seeing the numbers of blacktip/spinner sharks blow up over the next few weeks.  Targeting the sharks with topwaters is another really good adrenaline rush! Best acton on them will be early morning and late afternoon.  Pompano reports were a little slim this week.  A few pomps around, but didn't hear of any big numbers to speak of.  Spanish Mackerel action is good at Peck's Lake (Conditions will likely change that going into the weekend) with plenty of limits coming up.  A Gulfstream Flash Minnow or Clark Squid spoon are both great lure choices for the Macs.

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