Friday, March 29, 2024

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

It’s the end of March and as we approach this holiday weekend we might get a window that will allow the surf to calm down , the water to clean up, and hopefully give us more than one or two fishable days in a row . April is my favorite month to target the pompano as it is traditionally the time of year when you expect to put a good number of pompano in the cooler . I love a high tide in the afternoon during April and the beginning of May and remember last year when we were straining our eyes as it was starting to get dark to see the rods bend . There are still plenty of sandfleas showing so make sure you bring a rake with you if you are going to make trip . We caught some pompano over the weekend but unfortunately none of the fish that Brett, Randy, and I were big enough to place in the IRK tournament . We added some nice whiting too and Brett was on the board until late Sunday . Congratulations to all of the prize winners . All of our fish bit on Electric Chicken Crab and EZFlea Fishbites . A few of the fish were on sandfleas tipped with those Fishbites also . April is always a busy month and I will be involved with the Sailfish Point Fishing Club Surf Tournament and then doing seminars for the Savanna Club and the Ballantrae Fishing Club . Let’s hope Mother Nature turns off an extended period of her wind machine and we get more days to fish this month . We will be celebrating Easter early and Passover late this month and I hope everyone has a great holiday . Pompano, whiting, and croaker should all be on your catch list during April so stock up on your Fishbites and enjoy some great weather, hopefully!! Good luck and catch em up .I forgot to add an important date coming up as April 27 is the date of Fishbites first leg of their Shoreline Showdown Surf Fishing Tournaments . Their format of having tournaments in different locations and dates is unprecedented and provides an opportunity for surf anglers from the Panhandle , Jacksonville/St Augustine area, Melbourne, and Jensen Beach. Log on to the Shoreline Showdown website to register and get additional information.

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