Friday, March 29, 2024

Ed Killer / tcpalm South Fla. Report

Mosquito Lagoon

The fishing in this zone has been pretty steady for speckled trout, black drum, redfish and snook. Anglers can catch any of these by tossing a freelined live shrimp or rigging the shrimp under a popping cork. Working the popping cork will mimic the sound of trout feeding which always get other fish in the area excited.


Fish the last hour of the incoming tide and the first two hours of the outgoing tide to catch whiting, pompano and croaker between the trough and the sand bar. Longer casts will yield bluefish and Spanish mackerel. Use sand fleas or Fishbites in the EZ flea flavor.

Sebastian Inlet

Bluefish, sharks, jacks and Spanish mackerel are being caught as most of these species are migrating back north. Casting out large topwater plugs or chrome jigs will get bites from the blues and macks. Live bait like croaker and mojarra fished on the bottom during the outgoing tides will get bites from snook and redfish.

Indian River Lagoon

Sheepshead can be caught using shrimp-tipped jigs and casting around dock pilings, bridge pilings, piers, seawalls or catwalks. Black drum schools are moving around the northern Indian River and Banana River lagoons. Cast split blue crab to them. Redfish and snook will also pick up a split crab.


Bass fishing is at its best right now. Fish the edges of ponds, lakes and canals around the new and full moon phase to get reaction bites while fish are on the beds. Bluegill and shellcracker fishing has been better as temperatures warm up. Use live crickets and red worms for best action.

  • report courtesy of Ed Killer  TCPalm's outdoors writer. 

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