Saturday, May 4, 2024

From Todd @ Juno Bait Crew-Juno Bea

 INSHORE-  Snook fishing continues to improve as the weather warms up.  When it comes to snook fishing (for the most part) the hotter it gets, the better it is.  Warming temps have the snook's metabolism bumped up, and they are jumping on bigger baits better now.  At night a flair hawk or bigger swimbait will be top lure choices for the snook.  Early morning a noisy topwater (like a Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil) is  good choice worked along seawalls and around docks; especially in spots with some current on them producing ambush points for the lazy snook.  It's important in any situation to remember snook (and tarpon) are generally very lazy and want to exert as little energy as possible to track down a meal.  In other words use the wind and current to your advantage to easily present baits naturally to a laid up snook.  A little early for the snook to get in the inlets, but they are beginning to head slowly in that direction.  A handful of resident tarpon mixed in with the snook inshore, along with a few jacks as well.  Mangrove snapper action inshore remains fair.  They like the snook, should improve in numbers with warming weather.  Look for the snapper to bite best at night around bridges or boat docks; with the best bite happening on moving water.  Generally speaking the best bite will be on the top of the outgoing tide, but overall moving water is the real key.  

SURF/PIER-  Pompano bite remained pretty good this week; though numbers are beginning to tail off a bit.  Those putting the time in on the beach continue to produce at least a handful of pomps, but limits are becoming a little tougher to come by.  East winds in the forecast this weekend though should help push some of the pompano that maybe moving a little more offshore in closer to the beach.  The usual baits on the beach (Snaffles, clams, FishBites) remain the best choice.  The Juno Beach Pier continues to produce a handful of pomps on the Docs Goofy Jig as well.  Surprisingly enough, still a few late season bluefish around.  The big jacks have thinned out a bit, but still a few schools pushing through.  A GT Ice Cream, diamond jig, or Rapala X-Rap all remain good lure choices.  A few kingfish have showed up at the Pier late in the afternoon.  A Rapala X-Rap or Yo-Zuri Mag Speed is the top lure choice for a shot at a kingfish.  Snook continue to improve in numbers along the beach and at the pier.  A handful of keeper snook have been caught over the past week, with a few comings on live baits and a few on dead sardines.  Sandperch and crackers are biting good in the first trough on small pieces of fresh shrimp.    

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