Friday, May 31, 2024

From Todd @ Juno Bait Crew-Juno Beach

INSHORE- Quick Reminder, Snook season wraps up on Friday (Closes June 1st at midnight).  Snook fishing remains the best bet inshore right now, with a decent variety of methods all being viable options for the snook.  Still a good number of snook holding on seawalls and under boat docks during the day, and for the most part are ready to jump on a live mullet.  Bridges continue to hold a good number of snook at night.  Top of the outgoing tide is the best bet for snook on the bridge.  Jupiter and Lake Worth Inlets are starting to hold a decent number of snook as well.  Lots of options to try and catch one right now.  Mixed in with the snook have been a few jacks, and an occasional tarpon.  A few mangrove snapper have been hanging around the bridges as well.  Live shrimp and small pilchards are a great bait option for the mangroves.  

SURF/PIER- Snook fishing improved at the Juno Beach Pier this week.  It's not red hot yet, but they are starting to pod up.  Early morning and late afternoon are the best bet for the snook.  Randomly, live shrimp has been one of the top producing baits for the snook.  Other action at the pier and on the beach has been a bit slow.  A fair number of croakers and sand perch around.  Small pieces of fresh shrimp is the bait of choice.  Tarpon have been cruising north along the beach in some good pods.  Some wind and rough surf headed into the weekend will likely shake things up on the beach a good bit this weekend.

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