Monday, July 1, 2024

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area


I have Danny and grandson Christian down here this weekend to do some surf fishing and the weekend started out less than spectacular with some sand perch and not much else on Friday but yesterday things got better . We managed to put a bunch of big whiting in the cooler and Christian fought, landed , and a released a slob of a snook that he caught on a live croaker . As has been the case this summer there was little or no action until about 45 minutes before the high tide mark . Once the first trough began to get some water the whiting started to bite . Find a well defined trough and some clean water and chances are you’ll bend some rods around high tide . Green Chartreuse Bloodworm and Chartreuse/Shine/ Flesh Shrimp Fishbites tipped with a small piece of shrimp was the ticket for the whiting. All of the whiting were caught within 5 to 8 yards from the edge of the surf . We were starting to pack up our gear when Danny saw a large swirl and commotion on the surface about 20 yards out. Christian grabbed a live croaker that we picked up from the Snook Nook and threw it out . The pickup was almost immediate and after a walk up and down the beach chasing the big girl he landed it , took a few pictures, and then released it . Time is of the essence when you play catch and release with these great gamefish so please get them unhooked and put back in the water after a quick picture . It was a great fish for a great kid and one that he won’t forget for some time . Conditions look pretty good for the upcoming week so fish the high tide and have some fun . Good luck and catch em up .

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