Monday, July 1, 2024

Sebastian Inlet Report with The Snookman


North side of the north jetty has been the best bet, but the fishing is slow all around

“Good morning, Sebastian inlet anglers. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Here we go with another adventure into what's happening at the inlet. The fishing was mostly sluggish due to turbid water conditions all weekend, but there was some action to be had if you found clean water. The north side was the cleanest, whereas the south side was the dirtiest. The north side held the action over the weekend from Friday onward. 

North Jetty:  The tip of the jetty on the outgoing tide was producing nice catch-and-release snook on live shrimp and small croakers. Also being caught at the tip on both tides were small mangrove snappers -  on cut bait, greenies and live shrimp - and mixed in were a couple nice sheepshead and spot tail pins. The snook bite on the incoming was non-existent, but they were there; you could see the massive school of them on the inside: water clarity was that clean on Friday. On the beachside, for those fishing cut and live shrimp, whiting and catfish were the action over the weekend, both tides, with a few small mangrove snapper around the pilings and rocks. Further up the way towards the bridge on the incoming tide, there were catch-and-release redfish caught on small live croakers and mojarras. A couple of guys I know fish that area, and they said that between the three of them they caught and released about 10 redfish. Also, along this shoreline, same tide, there have been some mangrove snappers being caught on live shrimp and cut bait. Saturday, I saw a huge school of mullet move down the beach, and with them was a massive school of big jack crevalle tearing them up! Unfortunately, nobody hooked up with any. So that's pretty much for this side. 

South Jetty: On this side on both tides, it was pretty much a total mess. The water was dirty most everywhere you went, especially during the incoming tide that sucked the dirty water back into the inlet, back to the t-dock and beyond. About the only fish I saw caught over the weekend were catfish, jack crevalle and blue runners, all being caught on shrimp, live or dead, and cut baits. I did see a couple of small catch-and-release snookies caught on the incoming tide along the shoreline where there were clean pockets of water. Live mojarras and croakers were the baits of choice. Also, along this shoreline area, mangrove snappers are possible in the cleaner water. Small live baits will do the trick for them. 

T-Dock Area: Back here it has been slow; few anglers fishing at all.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t fish, but if you find cleaner water on an incoming tide, snapper and snook are possible. Also, if there are a lot of the greenies back here, Spanish mackerel are a possibility too. Not to mention, with the schools of mullet coming in the inlet, the big jack crevalles should be around chasing them for some action. 

Surf Area, both sides: I haven't seen hardly anyone surf fishing, due to the low tides being in the morning. The few out there are catching catfish and a few whiting. The north side has been the cleanest area, and the south, like I mentioned earlier, has been a dirty mess.

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