Friday, June 7, 2013

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a beautiful morning at the inlet. The sun is shining, winds are blowing out of the West-Southwest at 7 mph and even though our panorama shots are down right now, you can pretty much bet on a swell at first or second peak this morning. As always, please use caution when casting into the surfing area when surfers are present.

Of course yesterday when we had all the rain, the fish were jumping all over the place according to Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop. Big Reds, Snook, Permit and Jacks were very active, particularly on the outgoing tide. If you catch an oversized species and want to photograph it, hold the fish horizontally and support it under the jaw and belly. Keep the fish out of the water as little time as possible and lower it back into the water via net. Snook season is closed for breeding season, so it's best not to target them, and if you land a big one, more than likely it will be a female. Please use EXTRA caution when handling these fish, we need those Snook to go out and make more Snook! No bear hugging, handling with dry hands, running around with it showing it off, etc. Take a quick picture and get it back into the water. That goes for ANY C/R species. If a fish is in the slot, in season, and you are taking it home, it doesn't matter how you hold it. Reds have been active,at the Inlet. 
 Photo one is of Jim Sawver with a C/R Red he landed  Photo two is of Angie Persons with a real nice 26.75" slot Red she landed.

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