Friday, June 28, 2013

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's beautiful at the inlet this morning. Winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 5 mph and the water is clean and calm. We've had some real nice catches of Spanish Mackerel this week, thanks to the greenies that continue to swarm around the jetties. Mangrove Snapper are starting to come in, but there have been quite a few shorts in the mix. Of course Snook are hungry as they are spawning, it is best not to target them but it's hard to keep them off the line at this time of year. If you land a C/R Snook, please handle it (as with any other C/R fish) with extreme care and keep it out of the water the shortest amount of time possible. Handle with wet hands so that you don't rub the "slime" off their bodies. If photographing, make it quick. Hold the fish horizontally under the jaw and belly to support the weight of the fish, holding them vertically can damage their internal structure. We've also seen Jacks, Blue Runners and a smattering of other species come over the rails of the jetties, including some real nice Permit. Anglers fishing the beaches have had good luck with Whiting and a few Pompano

Our first photo today is of a unidentified 
 angler, This huge Permit was 41" and very heavy! It almost spooled the guy's big reel. It was thought it may have been a Shark at the rate it was stripping the man's line and pulling his drag all the way out! Arden who took the picture helped the angler net this beauty, but in the excitement, forgot to get his name. 

Our second photo features Laura Weinberger had some nice luck with Spanish Mackerel, as you can see in our photo! 

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