Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's another beautiful morning at the Sebastian Inlet. Winds are blowing out of the East at 5 mph and the water is calm with a light ripple on the surface. A mix of sun and clouds may help with the heat index today, it's been pretty brutal.

Fishing has definitely picked up. Yesterday, slot sized Redfish were taking a variety of baits, from shrimp to live finger mullet according to Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach. The Mangrove Snapper bite slowed down, but Mike was able to catch his limit of five. Spanish Mackerel are returning in better numbers and Diane Buyce of Melbourne got her share along with a few other anglers, they were good sized, in the 18" - 25" range. Live greenies were the Mack's bait of choice and were plentiful. Only one Snook was landed in the morning hours, a 37" C/R by Mike Misserville. Our first photo is courtesy of Mike, of inlet regulars Chris Robinson (kneeling), Jose Dore, Tony Swiderski, Chuck Fischer and Mike Ricciardi, all with slot Reds in the 24" - 25" range.

Spiro Stathopoulos of Malabar landed a nice 24" Red yesterday morning as well.

Photo three is of Mike's Redfish, surrounded by Mangrove Snapper on the cleaning table.

Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach fished the north jetty yesterday and sent in an update. Mike arrived at daybreak, netted some mojarra and proceeded to fish. Snook were evasive and although all the "regulars" were targeting them, there were none to be had. Spiro Stathopoulos of Malabar had a couple of hook-ups and lost one that appeared to be a slot Snook due to a cut-off, Mike Misserville also had several hook-ups but nothing for the table. Mangrove Snapper were biting well and Mike, Diane Buyce of Melbourne and Don Weller of Sebastian all got their limits of five each. Diane also landed several Spanish Mackerel and a lot of Blue Runners came over the rails. Mike landed an oversized Red at the end of the jetty using live mojarra, he didn't bother to measure it, but he estimated 34". Mike also reported bait fish of all kinds were thick! 

Our first photo is of Mike Ricciardi's C/R Red he landed.
Richard Doughman of Melbourne is featured in our second photo. Richard landed his Mangrove Snapper off the north catwalk using finger mullet.

Photo three is of Jose Rojas who fished the north jetty and landed his 5 lb. Jack using live finger mullet. 

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