Monday, September 9, 2013

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a real nice morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the Northeast at 11 mph and there is a moderate chop on the water. We seem to be having a jellyfish invasion; there are countless numbers of them in the water. Fishing was really starting to pick up before the jellies came in, between those and the Barracuda that are patrolling the north jetty, things have slowed down. We need a good west wind to blow them offshore. 

Friday morning things were pretty slow, lots of jellyfish and Barracuda to keep the fish away, but a few Mangrove Snapper and Blue Runners came over the rails. Things were slow for everybody except the Genouone family who came up from Boynton Beach to fish the inlet. Meir and his sons, 13 year old Leore and 10 year old Eytan did well with the Redfish. Eytan landed his 27" Red about 9:00 using mojarra, and shortly after, Leore landed one that was 27 3/4" and released right after the photo. Right after that, Leore landed one in the slot, a 26" keeper. The guys were having a blast until the bite slowed down; they stuck it out and were rewarded with a second bite that turned on around 10:30 that lasted over an hour. Meir and his sons ended up landed 5 Reds, 2 oversized and 3 slot fish as well as missing a few other bites. Meir reported that at least a dozen other anglers had slot Reds during the 10:30 bite. They had so much fun they decided to stay overnight and go out again Saturday morning. Although conditions were totally different, Saturday was overcast with a nice NE breeze, making it much more tolerable than Friday's heat. The morning bite was slow for everyone but their luck continued Saturday as Meir and Leore had slot Reds by 9:00 a.m when a good bite turned on, about 20 Reds were landed, 15 were in the slot. Eytan landed his slot Red about 11:00 a.m. Meir also had a large Snook on the line which pulled the hook. A handful of Snook were landed, but all were oversized. Mangrove Snapper bit well and many landed their limit of 5. Nice going gentlemen!

Photo one is of Meir Genoune and his sons Leore and Eytan of Boynton Beach with slot Reds from Saturday. 

Photo two is of 10 year old Eytan Genoune with a 27" Red he landed Friday morning using mojarra. 

Photo three is of 13 year old Leore Genoune who landed a Red that was 3/4" over the slot, photo four   is of Leore's 26" keeper! 

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