Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have another windy morning at the inlet, it's blowing out of the North-Northwest at 17 mph and gusting to 21. The water is still rough and small craft should exercise caution. The conditions have calmed down a little, but Snook and Reds like it when it's rough, get out and have some fun trying to land one of these great fighting fish. We only have a few days left for Snook season to open, until then it is still catch and release. Snook season will reopen on Monday, Sept. 1st through Dec. 15th but getting one in the 28" - 32" slot will be the challenge. 

We've had some inquiries about all the Blue Land Crabs that have been scurrying around the inlet and highways. This is mating season and they are everywhere. It is illegal to harvest them between July 1st and October 31st. Harvest, possession, purchase or sale of eggbearing Blue Land Crabs is prohibited at any time. During season, they may be harvested by hand, landing or dip net; no use of traps, bleach or any chemical solution is permitted. During season, one may harvest 20 per person per day, no size limit. Use caution when driving near the inlet as they are crossing the road in scores.

Our photos today are courtesy of Pam Winegar of Malabar. Pam and her husband Richard were at the inlet this past weekend and witnessed hundreds of Blue Land Crabs everywhere. Pam sent in some real nice shots of the crabs.

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