Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's a pretty hot morning at the inlet. The sun is already sizzling, the wind is "blowing" out of the South at 2 mph and the water is calm. You have to be a truly devoted angler to get out and fish in these steamy conditions. Insect repellent is highly recommended, as the no see 'ums love to gnaw on our anglers when conditions are calm. TS Bertha, come back! We still have a few small waves at second peak today but they are fizzling out as well, so soon we will be back to no fish and no surf! 

We've had typical August fishing, very slow with an occasional good catch. Evenings and low light periods are more productive this time of year. The water temperature is up into the 80's, the fish get lethargic and you have to search for them hiding in cooler spots. Mangrove clusters along the river banks, under docks and pilings could be a good place to look for Reds, Snook and Trout. Mangrove Snapper in small numbers and a couple of Jacks have shown up for a few jetty anglers during the daylight hours. Evenings, dusk and dawn have brought in some oversized Reds like the one we featured yesterday, landed by Atila of Orlando. Atila fished all evening Friday through Saturday morning and he landed two C/R Snook as well as the 35" Red.

Our photo of the day is Atila of Orlando with a 34" Red at night. The Snook was released unharmed. 

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