Wednesday, August 5, 2015

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Is it going to rain or not, when is a better because is going to rain. But it is summer and I live it. Walked around the building and I work up a sweat, yes it going to rain just a few drops splash on me. Over cast is the only way to describe these days and that means more time to fish. Fishing the river means more time, no bright sun to warm the water, plenty warm already. But with out that sun the bite will run later, now is the time to work that top water, under docks, across those sand bars and no bright sun to cook you while at play. 
Lots of Tarpon and lots of baits you will see the schools, did I say how big these fish are? Easy to locate, you will see them
now are you ready because one fish could finish the day, Yes the Snook and Turbo Jacks will be there so it looks like you have your hands full. Now if you are like me I would be on the north side
of Nettles island and playing with the Trout and Reds, or on the west side both areas have been hot. Pay attention those Turbo Jacks will take your equipment home but I have plenty so be ready. Lots
of Snapper so bring some ice, you will need it. Oh where is the rain gear? 100’ of water straight out of the inlet, using live baits and catching fish, how sweet is that. Fish early, plenty of Tarpon and Snook with a mix of Turbo Jacks. These fish will test you and 
your equipment so be ready. Surf has plenty of area to fish because you will be using every inch, one fish could take all day or it will feel that way. Plenty of whiting and Croaker to take home so bring the ice.

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