Thursday, January 21, 2016

From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center - Ft Pierce

It looks like winter has finally found Florida and the Treasure Coast.  Lots of nights in the 40 degree range and days have been cool also.  It's a typical winter pattern, but we who live in Florida are pretty spoiled and whine when it gets below 60 degrees....  Ok, so I am whining a little!  Water temperatures have been in the low to mid sixties lately with the warmer water coming in with the tides.  Our winter fish are arriving in numbers now, so look for some great fishing action this month. 
Sheepshead continue to be one of the best bites out there.  Fish docks, channel edges and bridges for some nice size fish this month.  Live or dead shrimp will keep you busy.  
Black drum have been moving into the area and can be found in the same locations and eating the same bait as the sheepshead.  There are also lots of snapper hanging with these fish.  Both are excellent fish to eat.  Redfish are hanging around docks and mangroves and moving onto the flats with the sunrise.  DOA CAL jerk baits and shad tails are excellent lures for fishing the grass flats, docks and mangroves.  The trout bite has been good on the grass flats with the same CAL lures along with the DOA shrimp.  The inlet has been bringing in jacks, bluefish and mackerel with the incoming tides.  Pompano have moved into the area in pretty good numbers and can be found cruising the flats, beaches and inlet areas.  Small jigs, live shrimp or sand fleas are good choices when fishing for them.  It's an awesome time of year to enjoy the fishing along the Treasure Coast!
 Expect the same weather patterns to continue for a while as winter get a grip on our area.  Plan your fishing with what the weather provides and be safe out there.  Dress in layers to stay warm until the sun can warm things up.  

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