Wednesday, January 6, 2016

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach


River was limited to the east side, that is unless you like fishing a 3 foot chop that is the entire West side.  Little Mud creek has been a great starting point for anglers seeking Trout, Redfish and a place out of the wind.
Throwing soft plastic Gulp, DOA, and Monster 3X baits along the mangroves has been very productive.  The live shrimp are starting to plump up nicely, if your looking for bigger Trout go to a bigger Shrimp or a “Select” as we call it.
Free line or fish your shrimp under some sort of a popping cork, you pick your favorite as long as it makes some noise it will work.  As the wind settles and the water clears keep the leader to a minimum, sometimes 30lb is just too heavy,
a 24’’ stretch of 20lb fluorocarbon is a good start. Drum and Sheepshead have been keeping bridge anglers very busy, shrimp, fiddler crabs, clams and cut blue crabs will do damage.  Fish your bait right along the pilings with a jig head or a small egg sinker,
again a 20lb leader will suffice. Snook anglers season closed December 15th and will reopen February 1st, keep that in mind when handling the fish for release, a quick photo and safely back in the water he/she goes.  Bridges will be your best bet for big fish,
bucktail jigs, Bomber Windcheaters, and big swim baits will all get into the lower part of the water column where Snook seek consistent water temperatures. 

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