Monday, October 10, 2016

Boyton Beach Inlet Report

The Bluefish arrived in force today at the north pier....beachside. I arrived at 11:40am and Bluefish were already coming over the rails. Most were in the 1-2 lbs, but there were quite a few caught in the 6-8 lbs range, as well as a few hefty Jacks mixed in. There were plenty of people getting in on the action, but somehow it did not get chaotic or out of control. The one or two Googans present were swiftly provided information, and they quickly complied. I caught at least 30 Bluefish. The biggest was 5 lbs. Had one that made my drag scream for a few seconds before my line popped. All in all lost 4 lures.....those Bluefish are vicious!!! Go get yours!!! Everything happened on the incoming tide!!

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