Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Zombie Tide

This is an interesting topic that's absolutely worth discussing. I feel it's important because the zombie tide is a tide window that few people, aside from the true doe hards, capitalize on. 
To begin with, the zombie tide is a late tide, incoming or outgoing depending on target species of course. How late? Well, let's just say midnight or later with my personal preference being a tidal change occurring between 2 and 4 am.
This is when the pressure is off the fish and they become more active and far less spooky, thus allowing the angler to get in on the action with very little effort.
For predators such as trout, snook, redfish and tarpon, the zombie tide bite is nearly always the best time to target them. Fair warning here, fish a few of this tides and you'll be hooked in a hurry. No pun intended.
courtesy How To with Big Dave's land based lessons. How to get tight! on Facebook

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