Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Here is the the update on today's fishing: I headed up to Blue Heron Beach and found the weeds not too overpowering at first glance. However, as the tide changed the weeds increased and conditions became pretty difficult. Even so, II was able to put together a nice catch of Pompano, blue runners, and whiting before the mats of weeds chased me off the beach. All of the fish bit on Fishbites and clam strips fished on the long rods 60 to 80 yards off of the beach. I talked to another fisherman who had a bucket of whiting, croaker, and bluefish that he caught on shrimp and Fishbites at the Bob Graham beach access. The fish are definitely spread out along Hutchinson Island, we just need these weeds to start to thin out. The beaches I would target are Middle Cove, Blue Heron, and Frederick Douglass at the northern end of the Island if you want to target Pompano in the next few days, as the water color presently at those spots is exactly what they prefer

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