Friday, May 17, 2019

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

If anyone had any question about the numbers of species that are available during this late spring surf run, today's catch list will certainly make you a believer. The biggest question that I had was if I was going to have enough terminal tackle and bait to finish the day. What a great problem to have!! The catch list included blue runner, bluefish, ladyfish, jacks, pompano, croaker, whiting, and yes Jeff Smith - bonefish. The pompano fishing was incredible even though I only managed 8 keepers. I was lucky enough to catch and release another 40 plus pompano in the 10-inch range. That percentage is the norm at this time of year, but boy is that a lot of fun. I concentrated on the pompano once I found them and only fished one rod for the whiting, approximately 40 yards from the beach. If you want to concentrate on the whiting, now is the time. EZ Flea, Pink Shrimp, and Orange Clam Fishbites, along with frozen sandfleas and cut shrimp were the baits that produced. On a day like today, tipping your frozen sandflea and cut shrimp baits with a Fishbite will increase your catch rate by a big number. Make sure you have a good supply of bait at this time of year because you do not want to run out. I released all of the bluefish, blue runner, jacks, and bone fish but I know the total fish count had to be around the 100 mark. That's a lot of casting, reeling, and running from pole to pole. What a great way to get some exercise. Spinner sharks became a problem after the tide changed this afternoon and getting a pompano to the beach became a problem. When this happens I reduce the number of poles that I fish because you do not want to give the sharks one fish after another. The reduced number of fish being hooked will usually make the sharks move down the beach and away from their free lunch. I started at Normandy Beach this morning and caught some bluefish, whiting, blue runner, jacks, and one pompano. The action started to slack off as the tide dropped so I headed north . I was asked by a couple of the folks that I fish with to keep today's location under my hat but anyone that knows me knows that's not what I do. I really do enjoy seeing everyone catch fish so hopefully if you are able to hit the beach tomorrow, todays bite was at Middle Cove. No one knows if that body of pompano will still be there tomorrow but at least its a starting point. The beauty of today was there was only one other fisherman there and by the time I left I was the only one. This late spring early summer bite is on so get out and take advantage of some great surf action. 

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