Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

I hope everyone had a chance to get out this past Saturday as the weather on Sunday did not provide a good opportunity to fish the surf. The pompano bite was pretty slow on Saturday and the only fish I heard of being caught were on the beaches right next to Fort Pierce Inlet. I started at John Brooks and had the big goose egg before a move to Blue Heron.                                            
The pompano did not show but the whiting bit for about an hour right after high tide and Randy and I put some nice ones in the cooler. Bloodworm Fishbites and a small piece of fresh shrimp were the baits that produced. My wife Deb made whiting sliders last night on the George Foreman grill and those tasty fillets on Hawaiian rolls is as good as it gets. on All of the whiting and a couple of nice croaker were caught right at our feet not 5 yards from the edge of the sand. The big mackerel schools from last week were still present but at least 150 yards off of the beach. It looks like its going to be a tough week as far as conditions with big surf and lots of easterly wind. If the wind lets up at all Walton Rocks beach might be worth a look as the reef there can actually knock down some of the wave action. I am probably going to give it a look either Wednesday or Thursday and will post a report in the evening. 

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