Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

St Lucie and Martin County beaches are open to everyone. Fantastic. As far as local fishing Randy and I fished at Blue Heron this past Sunday and the weeds were a huge issue. The morning bite was non existent and as the morning wore on the weeds made it unfishable. We returned in the late afternoon hoping the tide change improved the conditions and initially that was the case. We caught 3 nice pompano and then the weeds returned and chased us off of the beach. I fished at Normandy beach on Monday and was happy to see the weeds were not an issue and the water had some great color to it. 
The big schools of mackerel that were up and down our beaches last week were back and so were the pompano. I was lucky enough to put 10 in the cooler and was surprised at the nice size of these fish. During the latter part of the run in the late spring and early summer the pompano tend to get smaller and you will catch 3 and keep 1. None of my fish needed to be measured so I am hoping this means there is still some decent ones to be caught. With all of the beaches being open now the reports and intel will be available to post some accurate reports. Yellow Crab and EZ Flea Fishbites were the hot baits on Monday. I am going to try a couple of Martin County beaches tomorrow and and will try for some whiting and croaker in the first trough along with throwing out the long rods for pompano. Fresh shrimp tipped with Blood worm Fishbites will be in the water tomorrow for the whiting and croaker. Tiger Shores, Bryn Mawr, and Santa Lucea were producing some nice whiting and croaker last year at the end of May and hopefully those fish are back at those spots. Weather wise it looks like we are going to see a building swell towards the end of the week and it starts to lay down for the holiday weekend. Remember at this time of year the pompano are on the move north so do not be afraid to try a few different beaches during your fishing day. 

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