Thursday, July 16, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

The past few days on the beach has produced mixed results and it has all been directly related to the abundance or lack of glass minnows schools . We could actually use a little bit more of a breeze so the gin clear conditions could become a little bit cloudy . Even the whiting and croaker get a little leader and hook shy in that clear water . There were lots of big whiting cruising the first trough on Saturday and Sunday but getting them to bite was another story. Randy and I have caught them in those conditions but you need to pitch your rig 10 to 20 yards ahead of the school so the bait is sitting still when they make there way up the trough . Even that tactic didn’t work this weekend as we caught a few but we saw a lot more than we caught . I fished by myself Saturday and today , Monday , and managed to catch 20 or so nice croakers and whiting each day but the bite was sporadic. The glass minnows were present on Sunday when Randy joined me and we filled both of our coolers in a couple of hours . Cast your rig with Bloodworm or Pink Shrimp Fishbites right into the center of the glass minnow school and your rod will bend immediately . The tarpon didn’t show up Saturday but the big blue runners were there in numbers . They will bend your 7 foot spinning rod and take some drag when they hit . Food value is poor on those guys so return them to the water after you land one . The all out , “get a bite on every cast” fishing doesn’t happen every day but it’s still pretty nice to put some of these great tasting whiting and croaker in your cooler on the off days and catch enough to have a tasty fish dinner .

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