Thursday, July 9, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

If anyone is interested in having a real battle from the beach with one of the greatest game fish that Florida has to offer ,head to the sand. Randy and I fished today on the south end of Hutchinson Island and Randy had one fish in mind, the tarpon. This great gamefish put on a show all morning and although we never landed and released one, Randy hooked up with six of these guys and they showed why anglers put them on their bucket list. Jumps, blistering runs, and visual assaults of the glass minnow schools were worth the price of admission. For those of you that target the silver king you know that at this time of year the glass minnow schools are the key to finding a school of tarpon on the beach.I f you are new to trying to get one to strike a live bait or an artificial ,give the beach a look before you bring your tackle up. These bait schools are easily spotted and the dark schools hugging the edge of the surf will put you in the game. I will tell you, glass minnow schools do not guarantee tarpon as I found some schools yesterday that were not holding any, but your alternative can be whiting, croaker, catch and release snook,jacks, and blue runners. All of these species will be targeting this bait also.In between playing tug of war with the tarpon today, Randy and I put 60 nice whiting and croaker in the cooler. Bloodworm and Pink Shrimp Fishbites cast directly into the glass minnows will produce the biggest whiting and croaker you will catch all year.Plain Fishbites fished without natural bait like cut shrimp or clams produce the best action.If you do not get bit immediately when your bait hits the bottom, give your rod tip a twitch and this increased motion will fire them up.Calm surf,clean water, and a long list of everything from 12 inch croaker to 150 lb tarpon should have all of the surf anglers along the Treasure Coast hitting our great beaches. For those of you that have been asking when the Darcizzle whiting and croaker YouTube day will be up, look for it tomorrow.

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