Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From: The Snook-Nook

North east wind, south east wind all hard on the surf anglers, not on the fish.  Plenty of Blues, Mac’s, small Pompano, Whiting and a few slot size Snook made the list.  Lots of weeds in differing area, strong surf every where and fish, go figure.  Anglers were long casting spoons, cast masters, wind cheaters and cut baits.  One had to get beyond the weeds and then get your fish through the weeds, which can test your equipment and your nerves.
Lots of small Pompano and lots of sand fleas on the beach now would be a good time to get some fleas for those months when they are hard to come by.  Lots of Whiting so do not forget the ice, any time you can would be a good time to visit the surf, lots of fish.
                 The excellent catch list is from the early part of the week, Trout, Reds, Snook, Flounder and then the wind,  lots of fish on the east side of the Indian River, who cares  about the wind. Look for the flat water, that is where the bait is and so are the fish.  Trout was limited to the early anglers but if you were looking to bend a rod there were plenty of takers.  Blue Fish, Jack’s and Lady Fish kept most busy, the Black Drum at the bridges has thinned but the Snook love these conditions. The more blustery the wind, couple that with our full moon and you have perfect weather for big Snook, most over the slot so please do not bring a knife to the gun fight, heavy equipment.  When the conditions are like this we have the North Fork of the St. Lucie, an area that is protected from the wind.  Plenty of fish that way, you just need to scout that area on the nice days, oxbows, structure, deep, shallow and it is all out of the wind.
                    If you are and anglers or just some one that loves the water we have it all, how lucky we are…………………………..Henry

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