Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get the Jump on Jupiter

Jupiter/Juno has been loaded with whiting on the pier and beaches,with perch filling in. You can get fresh shrimp at Fishing Headquarters, Juno Bait & Tackle and Lott Bros. Small redfish have been in the surf at the pier, most have been in the 12 to 16 inch range but there have been 1or 2 keepers. If they stay and grow up it would be a nice, they put on a great fight on light tackle. Some snook are still around the pier, not like it was a few weeks ago, but this is Oct., They are being caught on some of the weirdest stuff, but that’s fall snook fishing. The inlet jetty and in the back country may be where you want to be if looking for snook. Live shrimp is the ticket, I’ve got 10 in one morning at the jetty using live shrimp on a hook up jig. Toss it out, let it sink down and reel in really slow, wait for that thump and hold on, there are a lot of shorts but keep at it and you’ll get that keeper. 
Fish of the “Toothy” kind have been all around the pier, macs, blue fish and some jacks have been the big catch. It has been hard to catch live bait, it comes and goes. Most anglers have been throwing gotcha jigs — if you got it ,go for it and fill your cooler. We are waiting for the “BIGGER” pompano to arrive. There have been A LOT of mini pompanos, but I know the BIGGIES are coming just a matter of time........

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