Sunday, October 24, 2010


Flounder are starting to show up in the Ft Pierce area, but we still need some colder weather to really turn them on. Fishing with live shrimp (Fishing Center & Shrimp Spot), finger mullet and DOAs right on the bottom where they live is the way to go. Pin a live shrimp on a weighted head hook or use a carolina rig with a short leader (5 to 6 inches **see tips page**) when using a live fish for bait. There still have been snapper around the jetty and bridges. Using live free-lined shrimp with split shots to get it down, I’ve been using a small circle hook to let the snapper think it’s got a treat. Pompano have been around the jetty, on the beach and in the river. Use a Capt. Joe’s pomp jig alone, or like I do with a piece of shrimp to add a little scent along with the bright colored jigs. Also you can use the jigs flounder fishing, hooking bait to it and dragging the bottom. Snook are around, but seem to be heading back to the back country as it starts to cool off. This time of year I almost always use shrimp, the cooler water makes them lazy. Shrimp move slower and they won’t turn down a quick snack.

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