Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From The Snook Nook

Cool mornings, no for me they are cold mornings makes me want to bring out my winter shorts.  Surf anglers love this weather because it means more species on the beach.  Cooler water will bring in plenty of Blues and Mac’s and with the warmer late mornings every other species will stay, I just like the warm not the cold.  North and north east wind has put some weed up on the beach, but it has been spotty so if your location is questionable move north of south to the next access and fish.  Tarpon fans the mullet are thinning, now is the time to play because the Big Boys will follow the bait, we always have resident Tarpon just not the numbers that are here now. 
Snook a plenty but all over the slot, anglers report fish on spoons, cut  and live baits, of course that black and chrome bomber, why ever a red tail hawk has found a few, fish at sun up that is the secret.  So yes the cold I mean cool mornings has brought the Blue fish and Mackerel in to casting range, Spoons and cut bait top the list for putting these fish on the sand. Watch your fingers they have teeth. Whiting, Croaker and Pompano and those are big Croaker not Reds with out a spot.  A piece of shrimp for this group will find plenty of takers. Now the good thing about the surf is these fish are there all day, at different times they will pass through so if the one you want is not at this location, move to the next and you will find them. Never have caught a fish with a watch on or a day planner.  Conditions are perfect, seven foot rod, fifteen pound test and you are ready, careful the Snook are big and the Pompano are small but worth the effort.

These cold, I mean cool mornings have been excellent for the river anglers with plenty of big Trout and Red to show for it, not to mention the Pompano skipping behind the boat in the Sail Fish flats area.  Lots of big Trout for the early anglers through out the area using top water and yes they will take a shrimp, mullet or pin fish.  From north to south it has been a good bite but the Red are staying on the west bank of the Indian River, I don’t know why.  Anglers report Reds from the cemetery south to Jensen, around the docks and out in the flats but it is the west bank.  That old favorite a gold spoon tops the list but soft rubber baits presented slowly or a live shrimp will get their attention. Plenty of Black Drum from the bridges all day long but when the sun goes down, Snook, over the slot but fun the catch.  I know there is some slot size some where so I will keep trying and with no barbs on my hooks.  Keeper Pompano from the bridges, late afternoon was most productive, not sure if that is when the anglers were there or the fish but at least these you could keep, not at all like the surf and yes the Jigging Spoons were favored.  If you notice the fish approach and follow your bait but will not take it go to a lighter leader, it works.
Off shore it was a few Dolphins with a mix of Sails and more than plenty of Black Fin Tuna.  Plenty of these foot balls, eating small feathers, cedar plugs or small rigged Mylar jigs, as long as they were moving these fish were on them.  Dolphin and Sails were only interested trolled Ballyhoo, not a bunch of these but enough every one came home with fish in the box.
Well I guess my warm weather is gone, fall is in the air and this is the month that our summer species and winter species will be here, a good month to get a line wet, lots of fish and don’t forget to call me with a report or I won’t tell you about the Flounder at the Indian River Side Park taking shrimp on jig head…………..till next week release on for me……………..Henry

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